Our Values

Customer Commitment

Our commitment is to provide a service that meets and exceeds your expectations.


We strive to provide the best quality in our services to our clients.

Health & Safety

The main objective is to implement the necessary measures to avoid risks at work.

Environmentally friendly

We make use of ecological solutions to offer more environmentally friendly services.


Extrusol builds photovoltaic solar energy projects, for this purpose, it has its own mechanical means (Turchi 300F pile-driving machines) as well as professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the sector in EPC projects, capable of carrying out structural works with total reliability (direct pile-driving of profiles, drilling, assembly of metallic structure and photovoltaic modules).

  • Own topography service.
  • Supply management: Unloading, distribution and storage.
  • Post driving and drilling with own means.
  • Assembly and commissioning of metallic structures and solar panels.
  • Pull Out Test and customer advice
  • Curve IV testing and module traceability.

Extrusolalso offers civil works services (trenches, fencing, foundations, accesses). as well as electrical installation (DC, AC and MV cable laying and connections). It also includes in its service, all the necessary mechanical and electrical TESTS; pull test, I-V curves, thermographies, cable megadoses, ground test, to deliver to the client the installation totally checked for its start-up.

Other services

Extrusol has its own Topography service, we have the latest generation GPS equipment (Trimble R2 GNS model) offering a wide variety of services and assistance to work, such as:


  • Earthwork Calculation.
  • Obtaining Longitudinal and Transversal Profiles.
  • Stakeout, topographic surveying and plan delineation
  • Calculation of surfaces.
  • Technical assistance to linear works, structures, anchorages…


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